Carpet cleaning Brighton
Carpet cleaning Brighton


We use the hot water extraction process which the industry acknowledges to be the most effective. The following, we hope, is a clear and straightforward description of this process.

1) Inspect the carpet to determine fibre type and the nature and level of soiling. This will establish which will be the most appropriate combination of chemicals to use.

2) Vacuum all carpets thoroughly using an industrial pile-lift vacuum cleaner. It is crucial to remove as much dust as possible prior to the extraction clean. Failure to do this can lead to premature resoiling and can be difficult to rectify.

3) Treat any spots or stains which will not come out during the normal cleaning process eg. red wine, tar, candle wax, rust.

4) Pre-spray whole area with "traffic-lane cleaner" and work into fibres. It's these traffic-lane cleaners that do all the work. The cleaning solution in the extraction machine is primarily a rinsing agent and by itself can only clean lightly soiled carpets.

5) Rinse extract using a hot water extractor.


Chemically, the cleaning process is essentially the same, the main differences being the use of softer brushes and different cleaning attachments to carry out the hot water extraction.

We use equipment that utilises hyper-velocity fluid stream technology. Unlike conventional spray-jet tools there is no overspray, and the fabric is cleaned more thoroughly and left 50% drier.


With over 10 years' experience we now predominantly use the Chemspec range of chemicals. We have found them to be the most effective and they are the worldwide market leader.

All their chemicals are safe, non-toxic and biodegradable. Also, they do not have a detrimental effect on such things as stain protector treatments and stain-resistant nylon. In addition we can use the Chemspec DFC range (environmentally friendly Detergent-Free Cleaning) at no extra cost.

Carpet cleaning Brighton